Devices showing in Smarthings website but not in App (IOS)

Probably been asked before but please help!

I was one of the early adopters and have about 30 devices that show up under Devices on the web, but about 10 don’t show up in the App. I do notice that the that the ones that don’t show up are not assigned to a "Group " on the web.
Shows up…

Name Outlet
Label Computer Light
Type SmartPower Outlet
Version Published
Zigbee Id 000D6F000B2D5EE3
Device Network Id 3D40
Hub Point Carpenter Hub
Group Master Bedroom

Does not show up

Name Dimmer Switch
Label Den Fan
Type Dimmer Switch
Version Published
Device Network Id 05
Hub Point Carpenter Hub
Last Activity At 2020-02-09 4:08 PM EST


Classic app, new app or both?

New app - I can’t even load the Classic app on IOS anymore. How do get to it?

I think when I first use the Smarthings app on my Ipad, it asks you which one to use, but my password does not work on the Classic app and when I ask for a password reset, I never get the email!

Ok, first thing to check in the new app, click on menu (three bars in the upper left of the screen) and select devices. Do your missing devices appear there?

For the Classic app, are you choosing New to SmartThings when logging in? Don’t use the existing smartthings account login option.