Devices not functioning at all from App (15 Oct 2020)

Can’t control any devices from app starting today. Anyone else having issues? I migrated a couple months ago and everything was fine (yet still horrible), but today I can’t even control any devices at all and automations are completely random. If I click to turn a light on or off in the app it just spins forever says it’s on but never turns on.


Same here.

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Yeah I’m not signing out then. I spend about 2 hours organizing that mess of a dashboard multiple times since it seemingly randomly decides to reset itself. It’s a pain to organize 100+ items on the dashboard and have to keep doing it over and over just because you log out or because the app has a bug.

Can’t control anything from the app on 2 phones, Alexa, or Google!! Think there’s an outage of some type. Just started in the last half hour for me.


Some users in the Americas may be experiencing delays or failures in device control from the mobile app and automations. We are investigating and will provide updates as available.

Posted 1 minute ago. Oct 15, 2020 - 21:37 EDT


Thanks, I just got the email about the outage as well.

Same to me nothing works after migrated to the new app

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No issues on my end. All devices working fine.

Perfect. Someone mentioned email updates previously, and now I see what they mean. Interestingly, my Bond controls seem to be working, but all Zigbee/Zwave stuff is dead.

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Kasa works for me through SmartThings, but no Zigbee. Interesting that the cloud to cloud is working…

Dead here.

Same here, and when I log into the website to view my stuff it says I don’t have any locations, no hub, no devices… Nothing.

Working now!

Don’t worry. When you call them out on it on the Facebook user’s group, they explicitly ban you from commenting for a month.

Apparently, when I stated that the forced removal of Classic broke my entire SmartThings environment, even when I rebooted my hub, it resulted in my comment being removed and I was banned from commenting.


Sign in/out did not work for me. Also tried clearing data on the app.

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Apparently they are sensitive on FB. I got banned too for a suggestion on merging the other (local) hub so that you could use its google integration to pick and choose which items you actually want to show up. By connecting the hubs, you can turn off google integration on ST, and expose the devices using the app on the other hub. (That way, you can selectively choose what you want to give google access to)

Maybe, if they quit breaking stuff, we wouldn’t have to come up with workarounds that involve a competitor… :man_shrugging:

Not giving me much reason to want to stay though. Hanging on for a bit to see if they actually pull something out… But, I do not have much more patience left… and them being so touchy (read that as petty) makes me want to flip them off by shutting them off.

It’s not just Facebook, there’s a particular employee here who has a similar panchant.

So, from their own status page, there have been 21 outages since the beginning August. So, a little more than 1 in every 4 days, ST has had an issue. This does not even account for migration issues that are numerous in the forum here. It is JUST platform outages that they admit to.

If they don’t want frustrated users posting negative comments, maybe they need to focus on not giving them anything to post about instead of banning anyone who dares mention it.

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My Smartapp smart light automations seem to be working (my exterior lights turned off this morning as scheduled) but I can’t manually turn anything in/off from within the app…
Have they made any other statements on this?

I am unable to control individual lights but I can control lighting groups. For some reason my hardwired switches seem unaffected.