Devices not functioning at all from App (15 Oct 2020)

I am unable to control individual lights but I can control lighting groups. For some reason my hardwired switches seem unaffected.

Checked after reading the above and same here… Can control groups but not individual bulbs or smart plugs. I can control my z-wave deadbolt door lock, though.
My hardwired switches are affected, they don’t work individually either.

This appears to be a Zigbee issue, all my z-wave stuff works normally

All my devices that show up in the graph ide page as “local” are listed as offline, and are not controllable since sometime last evening. The hub even shows offline in the new app. Cloud to cloud stuff seems to be working, like my one Kasa outlet and my weather station.

Devices are sending updates though. I can see temperature updates on my multi-sensors. I’ve tried rebooting several times, and nothing seems to be helping.

I don’t know what else to try at this point.

Try rebooting your router/modem.

This is very frustrating. I have no control over my Zigbee devices as well. It shows the status, but times out when I try to control them…

Also a couple of my virtual switches are not working as well. It’s very odd. I made all of the switches at the same time, and in the same manor. And I have a few of them that will not trigger. They time out the same as my zigbee devices. The really frustrating part is that all my zigbee devices are LED strip lighting which I don’t have manual switches for. I have to go around the house and manually unplug all of the power for them…

Really hope this gets sorted ASAP! This all started Oct. 15.

Alright, I just power cycled my wifi router… It fixed everything! :upside_down_face:

Didn’t think it would be such an easy fix! Hope this helps someone…

Well, I’ll be…

I just rebooted my router, and now everything is working again. I don’t know how that could possibly have been the issue, since I’d already rebooted my cable modem and my router when this issue first popped up. Wouldn’t be the first time that I’ve ever seen something that makes no sense fix a problem though.


Just set up our new Q70T 75” and have had numerous problems. Connected via the smart hub and set everything up. Alexa won’t open Netflix or Prime Video with out saying “Alexa tell the TV to open Netflix”, same thing with Prime. We should be able to say “Alexa open Nextflix” right? She keeps saying we don’t have any enabled video skills when trying to open prime video or Netflix. Also, Alexa won’t turn on the TV (though she will turn it off). Tonight we couldn’t even turn the TV on via the remote without power cycling.

This is beyond disappointing for our first TV in 8 years. If Samsung can’t fix this, we are taking this TV back as this is way too much money for this many problems