All Cree Connected Bulb Issues - Unavailable

All of my Cree Connected Bulb are showing offline and unavailable. Is anyone else having issues?

All good here with my bulbs. Are any of your other zigbee devices having issues?

Mine are fine, too.

I might. Support is checking now.

My GE Link & Lightify bulbs are showing unavailable but still respond to triggers

Seems to be a larger issue. I am seeing something “zbjoin: {“dni”:” …" that seem to take done the cree bulbs and also my xioami temp and motion sensors. Nothing works. Refers to something with the CentraLite",“model”:. Seeing this as well “Hub ‘La Maison Hub’ updated”, in events

some times you have to start at the simplest troubleshoot to discover the problem…

is the switch on? the bulbs wont work if off. give them a min to update if you turn back on, and maybe close the app and re-open

Yup that is what I did prior to calling support. The bulbs needed to be reset.

Happens to me. Reset the bulb per mfg steps. Go into add thing in SmartThings wait about 3 min and go back. You should be able to control the device again.

since yesterday i am having issues.

All my GE Light bulbs not working… Reset and trying to connect not working

All my smartthings and Iris sensors not working. removing battery for Smartthings works. but after few mins stops worked. reset the devices. all smartthings sensor after reset also same issue. removing battery works some time and then stop working.

Iris sensor trying to reset and connect again. not working.

All the batteries in sensor are new, just few weeks old may be 3 weeks and everthing i use is duracell

I have almost a dozen of these bulbs - does this mean I have to reconnect them all individually?

Attempting to reset and add and then go back didn’t work for me. Sometimes the bulbs would become available again, other times, they wouldn’t. In the end, I was forced to remove everything and readd everything again.

I have tried resetting all the bulbs several times. They are still offline. I have tried resetting the hub. :grimacing: