Devices information never updated

I own 2 65NU8000 TVs and 2 2018 Wind free AC units AR07NXWXCWKNEU.
I’m setting up all my smart devices in Home Assistant and since it looks like that my ACs don’t have port 2878 o 8888 opened (it’s possible? it looks like I’m the only one) I configured smartthing integration, that simply interfaces to smartthings website and get info/send controls there.
I noticed that my unit state, room temperature, mode etc. don’t update.
I thought that was a Home Assistant integration problem, but checking on smarthings website, devices section I noticed that the informations reported there are the same.
If I switch on the unit using the remote or smartthings app, the units still shows off (and with old mode, temperature, target temperature etc) on the webpage.
Even if devices are shown as ACTIVE and updated few munites ago, their state NEVER change.
Is there a way to fix it?

I have the same issue with a Samsung washer and dryer.

It has been like this since I tried the first time, about 3 weeks ago.
More, starting from yesterday, smartthings application says “update in progress” on all my devices, so controlling by app stopped working too.
In the morning I updated the app, same problem.

Do you know if there is a known problem and someone is working on it?
Or our smart-devices are not smart anymore? :frowning:

Mine stopped working about 4-6 weeks ago. I have contacted support, but …

Any chance @Brad_ST could help???

The devices aren’t smart anymore.
They do not update their status. The attributes remain unchanged. They no longer work when an app is subscribed to them.

It’s strange, because devices communicate with the server, but only for “half”.
Website shows that the communicated few minutes ago:

But then, in the details, they show few minutes ago for last activity, but last update has been on June 30th.
Something broke there, it would be nice to have a feedback.


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Now Smartthing integration completely stopped working.
I’m starting to regret to have bought Samsung devices…

Support has gone radio silent. They haven’t replied to the last email (I sent them more info as requested).

@Brad_ST Can you help? Please?

I nudged your ticket but frankly I am surprised these devices ever worked. Your issue is likely similar to Samsung Gas Cooktop Device.

Thank you. I did get a response. They found the issue, just don’t have an ETA for the fix.

BTW they use to work great, now not at all.

Thanks again.

While we are here… is there a way to get some techinical information about our units?
It looks like that normally AC units have port 2878 opened (old models) or port 8888 opened (newer models).
I own two 2018 Windfree units and i could not find any opened port.
this is why I tried the (not working) smartthings integration in Home Assistant.

By removing and re-adding smartthings integration in Home Assistant, Entities came back.
I saw that while authorizing the smartapp in Smartthings Classic App, the authorization interface changed since last time, maybe they changed something that needed a new authorization.
So now I got entites back in HA, but the problem explained when I opened the thread is still here.
Even if i switch on the device, states are not updated:

And in Smartthings App devices are still not working: