Devices being shown offline in the app but not the IDE

Woke up this morning to the Android app (1.7.50-21) confidently stating that I had a significant number of devices offline, both virtual and physical. All the devices were working fine on the detail pages apart from the usual offline warning in a grey panel. I did also notice a plugin failing to download.

Checked the IDE and all my devices are ACTIVE/ONLINE.

Cleared the app cache to see if it was being silly. It successfully downloaded a plugin. Now I have a load of devices offline that show just ‘Status offline’ on the detail pages instead of having the warning message and functioning controls. They are all still online in the IDE.

I shall probably try going back to sleep once the shopping is delivered. Seems as likely to work as anything.

Oh, and rebooting the hubs just revealed it thinks a hub is offline too.

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Try rebooting the hub in IDE :slight_smile:

Did that just before the shopping arrived. It revealed that it thinks a hub is offline too. It isn’t. Even the app concedes most of the devices attached to it are online.

Update: Renaming the hub brought that back.

Just to add to the fun I had another plugin download and now I have a couple of devices that are missing their dashboard tile state and just have a ‘Status’ tile saying ‘Connected’ instead of the proper details page.

I’m pretty sure I am awake and not dreaming this.

I’ve just had the same issue. About a third of my devices (a mixture of various bulbs, sensors & switches), all showing offline in the new app, but online in the Classic app and IDE. In the Classic app the bulbs were still controllable, but the motion sensors wouldn’t report motion. I resolved the problem by re-pairing them all. :frowning:

Same here. App shows some sensors as “open” state even though they are closed. IDE shows correctly them as closed. One sensor is offline according application but IDE shows everything as online/connected.
This definitely is a problem. Has anyone made ticket to support yet?

I seem to be able to fix the physical devices by updating the device. I am having less success with virtual devices.

I’ve never found much evidence there is support in the UK. Actually I’ll correct that. It is often suggested that support should be contacted via the app so I have previously taken this advice. This seems to achieve absolutely nothing. I have just used the e-mail address and that does create a ticket immediately.

The tiles that were missing their status are now quite interested in ‘Checking status …’ or just saying ‘Connected’. Most curiously I was first alerted to this issue by STHM saying there were sensors with problems. This turned out to be the unused leak sensors all showing offline. Now STHM is showing them all as ‘dry’ even though the dashboard still considers them to all be offline.

I have done quite amount of tickets to uk support via chat. Now because of corona virus chat is not available and I do not believe that nobody really cares if I sent email :slight_smile:
Maybe i should still try…

While waiting for their response…what do you mean “updating the device”? You mean changing their status for example from close to open or…?

I meant opening the device page in the IDE at, clicking ‘Edit’, making a change (e.g. to the device name) so the device is perceived as having changed in some significant way, and then hitting ‘Update’. The end result is pretty much like installing a device for the first time, except you keep your settings. It generally makes the app sit up and take notice that there is something different about your device it needs to know about.

Thanks, got that one sensor fixed. I edited room where sensor belongs and hit update. Room changed only in IDE but not in application. After few seconds sensor state changed to online and showed “closed” like it should be. Room never changed so I changed it back in IDE.

This is what I had when device was updated…

Now I lost half of my blinds. They are just connected in app but there is no buttons to control them. What’s going on?

I had to edit and update every problem device. The only one I couldn’t repair was a Virtual Switch so I deleted that and created a new one. I think it may have been my only problematic Virtual Switch and so the only one not using the Health Check capability.

I saw quite a few downloads in the app today. Normally one a week is a lot.

I’m trying to narrow down the issues here and from SmartThings device dropouts & STHM outages.

Are you still seeing the following -

  1. devices offline in the new app but online in the IDE and Classic app?
  2. device plugins (“We need to download an add-on…”) failing to download?
  3. devices missing controls such as on/off buttons?


  1. Going into the IDE, renaming devices (or hubs) and updating (or making other changes that seem to make the app aware of things like vid: change), seemed to permanently cure the issue for each device that had issues on Friday, bar one that I had to reinstall.

I believe I saw a recurrence yesterday (Tuesday) with a number of devices. I had been shifting devices around a lot but devices I hadn’t touched were misbehaving too. At one stage a significant number of devices were showing offline or behaving oddly but by the time I checked the IDE and found all devices online the problem suddenly cleared.

  1. I saw one incident of that yesterday, but perhaps three or four on Friday. I did mess around with the app cache and data a lot on Friday trying to sort things. I was actually more suspicious of a number of plugin downloads that succeeded.

  2. This is not something I particularly noticed as a symptom independently of the below behaviour.

For me the three main symptoms were:

  • Devices showing as offline on the dashboard and having the usual grey panel pop up with an offline message on the details pages. So basically what we usually get when the IDE says devices are offline or hub_disconnected. Only this time they were all online.

  • These same devices then replaced their detail pages with a single status tile saying they were offline. The app might have been prodded to make this happen - restart, cache clear etc. Imagine how a device that only has Actuator or Sensor capabilities shows up - you just get a single status tile on the detail page.

  • Similar to the above but no status message on the dashboard at all and the devices just showing a single status saying connected.

I’m not seeing this problem anymore. With help of @orangebucket I edited my problematic devices and now they seem to be normal.

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Still seeing 1 and 3 But on fewer devices now.

Edit: The problems are gone

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