Device Status/Health Down?

I’ve got a bunch of locks reporting offline the past few days that have been super difficult to get to report back online.

Able to control some of them even in the offline state. SmartThings status page says all things operational. Am I going crazy here or is something down in the cloud?

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Classic or new app? Have you checked the status of devices in IDE? Try rebooting your hub in IDE to see if that resolves it.

I only use the IDE when doing diagnostics. Rebooting, repairs, and battery changes have not helped. It’s only been like this for the past 48 hours. I have a large volume of devices across different accounts so when I see a flare up across accounts in a pattern I suspect there’s something going on out of my control. The only thing that fixes it completely is factory resetting the locks and reconfiguring.

Edit: the common denominator seems to be instances where a SmartThings WiFi hub is used. The V3 hubs are solid lately.

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same here… v2 Classic or new app give same status, but can control nevertheless. once in a while, becomes too unstable it would seem someone calls support; they open a ticket and they reboot the cloud service, looks like at least. Reboot from IDE never does work for me. I tried nevertheless.

again, I suggest users try rebooting their hub from IDE. may or may not resolve the issue you are experiencing but worth trying.

I’ve tried rebooting via IDE with the recent instances and no improvement. This has worked for me in the past but is not fixing anything currently. Again, I only use the IDE. Never the app unless I’m configuring new devices.

This morning 3 devices only are offline, whereas I had 6. Yet I also have bulbs that are controlled by a switch, they are offline of course, but when I put the switch at On, the bulbs status come online within 1 minute, but not the 3 devices.