Online offline State doesn't match from classic app to IDE

As the title says the IDE is showing repeaters as online but the app is showing repeaters as offline.

Iris Plug

Try rebooting your hub in IDE

I have “it crowded it” many times

I believe the status shown by the IDE is the equivalent of device.getStatus() in Groovy speak, and can take one of at least five different values. As far as I am aware ST have never usefully documented device status for developers, and certainly haven’t detailed the Health Check capability.

If you are using the custom DTH that I think you could be, then the Classic app would seem to be displaying a ‘status’ attribute that is an invention of the author of the DTH and maintained by the DTH.

So two different things, and really Author/DTH v ST/IDE.

On the other hand, if you are not using that DTH I’ve added nothing useful to the discussion.

Which one do you think I am using?

I thought you might be using the custom DTH by Steve White (shackrat) as that seems to have been mentioned quite a bit a year or two back. That’s the only one I’ve read, and that was only because I was curious about the origin of the online/offline status in the Classic app.

Yes I am using that DTH. But still have the issue between app and IDE.