Anyone Else Offline? 10/23/19

Status page doesn’t show anything, wondering if I’m alone.

Color of led light on hub? What status does IDE display?

Online status shows inactive about 30 minutes ago. I have 2 hubs, one at home and one at the office, both are offline at the same time. Status light at home is solid green.

Well, back online now. I often have a knack of seeing issues right as they happen that others miss because they’re not watching at the time. I got no notification on my phone that the hub was offline like I typically do.

Your app may have lost connection to the cloud. You can always login to IDE to check the status of your hubs from there. Logging out of the app or rebooting your mobile device is also an option to see if connectivity is restored to your app.

IDE showed they were offline as well. I don’t think it was an app issue.

I think it was short lived, though. Maybe 30 minutes.

Home and office use 2 different ISPs, so ISP routing issue is less likely.

All looks good here right now. I dug into status history on both apps (Android), and sure enough, about the time of the OP the old app shows my hub was offline for about half an hour. I guess whatever hiccup ST had it’s fixed.

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For what it’s worth I had the same issue. Glad it wasn’t just me going crazy wondering why

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