Devices are in 'no network connection' when on cellular data, but all is ok is connected to any wifi


is it normal that I cannot control my devices from my phone when I’m on cellular data?
In this mode, i can see my devices but they are all in ‘no network connection’
Whenever, my phone is connected to any wifi (home or at work), then the app looks to have the access to the devices.

Did i miss a configuration?

smartthings hub v3
ios app: Smartthings app (not the classic)


First rule of home automation “the model number matters.“

What is the brand and model number of the devices that you were having a problem with?

Which app are you using to control them?

i have edited my main post with additional information requested

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Brand and model of these devices?

Try uninstalling the app, reset network settings on your iOS device, then reinstall the app

all the devices including the smarthings hub which is described … this is not a problem of devices that are correctly managed when i’m on wifi, but not accessible on cellular

found it!
It was so dumb …the smartthings app was not configured on my phone to access cellular data
Settings> Cellular> Smartthings ON/OFF

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