Smartthings service can only be used on WiFi?

Does anyone else have an issue with the fact that the app is only useful while on WiFi? I can’t seem to figure out if that’s the way it’ll always be? Or if I’m missing a way to get around it?

I also can’t seem to get my presence sensors (iPhones) to work. I have it set up where when either my spouse or I get home or leave, it sends a notification to the other. It also should sense when we are coming home to open the garage door or when we leave to turn off all the lights. I’m wondering if there’s something I’ve done wrong.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

Mine works fine on cell data.

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Or perhaps just not yet done. If you have an iPhone, go to Settings / Cellular and make sure Cellular Data is turned on. If it is already, scroll down and turn it on for SmartThings.

If you are enabling Cellular Data for the first time, be sure to turn it off for all other apps that you don’t want to consume cellular data.

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As for this issue, I and a lot of others on the forums will recommend that you use Life360 presence tracking instead of the native SmartThings phone presence. I works 80%+ of the time as opposed to <50% of the time with ST native prsence for phones.

I thought that might be the issue also, but i double checked and it is on. Today when I tried to open the (new) Smartthings app, the circle just kept circling and none of my devices would show up. I just assumed it was the lack of WiFi, but now I don’t know.

Were you required to move to the new app for some reason? A spinning circle sounds like it could be an authentication issue, but I would expect it to exhibit the same behaviour on wi-fi. Current school of thought is to use the classic app until forcefully migrated.

I second the recommendation the Life360.

We were having issues with our classic app disarming… it wouldn’t. It constantly says we’re away and won’t let us switch to disarm. Then I saw on my husbands app that it says it’s time to switch over. So that’s why we did. I assumed that was why the classic app didn’t work was because it was time to switch over. I’ve redownloaded the old app multiple times because I’m just not loving the new app (and get frustrated), but the disarming feature just won’t work and we get all the notifications as if we are not home when we are.

you aren’t trying to use Smart Home Monitor is both apps are you?

No. I delete the other app when I add the new one. I figured that would mess up the hub if I had them both running commands at the same time.

ok, i’m a bit confused. Which app are you and your husband currently using?

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Sorry to be confusing. We are right now using the new app. But today I got frustrated with the new app, so I redownloaded the classic one to try and use that instead until I’m forced and have no other option but to use the new one. But when I try to use the classic app, it won’t disarm even when I’m home. It constantly stays armed and sends me notifications for movement and doors opening. So then I have to re-delete the classic app and go back and redownload the new app.

ok. So i would stick with classic and solve the issues with it. Make sure your mobile presence devices are updating, and if not, troubleshoot that,

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:+1:t3: I’ll try that. And life 360. Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

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