Android app reports all devices offline

I have a strange issue. When I open the Smartthings app and the phone on 4G all devices report offline. When I open the Smartthings app and the phone is on Wifi and conencted to the same network as the Hub all devices report online.

I searched but cannot find any setting that should control this. Why does the Hub report all devices offline when not connected on the same network?

I am using the new app on a S9 with Android 10 and latest updates

Are you blocking any ports on your home network firewall or isolating devices into separate vlans?

You can try opening ports 11111, 9443, 443, 39500, and 37 on your firewall.

I forwarded all the ports but no change. Still all devices offline when connecting on 4G

are you running any kind of antivirus type program

I have a work profile on the phone, managed by my company. Not sure if it has an AV.

The phone of my wife (pixel 3a) is working both on WiFi and 4G.Therefor it is an issue on my S9