Device Unavailable is this the bug confirmed by Samsung?

I’ve notice my Zigbee (Xiamoi) water sensors become unavailable in the App (see screenshot). I read some old community posts from April '17 but wasn’t sure if this issue was addressed.

Even though these devices are reported as unavailable, they work just fine. Dipping them in water results in a successful “wet” message back to the hub. This results the sensor to be listed back in its normal state until it becomes unavailable again. Pressing the button on top also causes the sensor to be listed normally in the app.

The sensors are all sitting in my living room about 10-15 feet away from the hub, and it’s only these sensors that repeatedly become unavailable. Anyone else experience this?

Depends which bug you mean exactly, but any problems with the xiaomi devices are unlikely to be anything that ST would acknowledge. They aren’t certified by ST to work with the hub, and in fact they aren’t even compliant with the zigbee home automation 1.2 profile (even though they are zigbee devices).

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Turn off the health check. It’s buggy

Have other people noticed if the health check is buggy? I have had almost daily alerts from it, where multiple z-wave devices are marked as Unavailable and if I go into the device/thing, the buttons are disabled.

If I attempt to control the device from the ADT Pulse portal it works fine and usually just doing that will clear the error within the ST app. I wasn’t sure if it was the health check or that the ST Hub is connected to the Pulse Hub.

Yes. There are several threads in which it is mentioned. Apparently it works fine for some devices and poorly for others.

One of my hubs has it ‘on’ (my primary home) and the other has it turned ‘off’ — mainly because I don’t want device failures when I’m not present. (Instead, I find Simple Device Viewer very useful to check on last response times and also battery levels.)

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Thanks, Mark! That’s the thread I was referring to…

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