Multiple things on multiple hubs "Unavailable"

I have 3 ST v2 hubs in 3 different locations. Very recently multiple “things” went to “Unavailable” status in my app for all 3 of my hubs. The items that went unavailable are a mix of switches and sensors (water and presence). However, not all of the things at any of the locations went unavailable…only some of them. It’s seemingly random.

I switched “Device Health” off for the hubs and the “Unavailable” indicators all clear. However, these items still do not work…or don’t work reliably.

Prior to whatever caused this (Hub Update?), I had no issues with these “things”…all were working properly.

What can I do to get these things back into a reliable working condition again?

All my Zigbee are down after something that happened after 9AM CDT this morning. Nothing on Zigbee works for me. Hub reboot did not fix it.

Obviously SmartThings support is your best option. I would check your hub in the IDE to make sure the Zigbee radio is turned on. If it is, one thing you can also leave your hub powered down for an hour. That will cause all Zigbee devices to start searching for their coordinator (the hub). Hopefully that is all it will take.