GE In-Wall Smart Dimmer Switch 45857GE Energy Monitor

Just bought ST hub and was looking for first lighting switch. I can’t find any info on how the energy monitor part of the zigbee switch works and if its worth it. I’d like to have that information but only if it actually does something work while with the ST? Any help is appreciated.

I have a bunch of the zwave switches (much cheaper) and unless you really care about how much energy is being drawn by it I would skip.

I do have a few of the Aeon smart outlets and I like those because I can see how much juice my dehumidifier was using and set up rules to not leave it on all the time.

You can use it for rules, but it mostly just a data point.

Depending on the device, typically it will monitor kw and/or kwh. It has uses for energy management of course but helpful on remote monitoring. ie I use mine for verifying feedback that the circuit is actually on (versus relying on the status of the device itself) so when I have a string of outside landscaping lights I know that out of the 10 lights one (or more) is not lighting if the energy reading is low. You are able to use a rules to alert you when that happens.