Device Type keeps changing on its own

I have three Iris Open close sensors. One of them keeps changing Device Types every few days on its own.

I change it back but it keeps reverting. The other two have not done this. Has anyone else had similar behavior with any devices?

My Honeywell thermostats change DTH also. I think it has to do with me hitting the refresh button in it and t seems to “reset”

What device types are they changing between?

It changes to another device type that is custom. It was also for a open/close sensor, but a different brand/make. I think it was a smartthings open close sensor. I use it in a fridge to let me know if the door might have been left open based on temp. So it only reports temp.

So I guess a full accounting of sensors would be I have three Lowes/IRIS (newer model) Open close sensors, and one Smartthings (older) open close sensor using a custom/modified DTH. One of the three changes its device type every few days to the custom DTH.

I had a couple Lightify bulbs that kept doing this between the standard device type and a custom one. I ended up going into the custom one and commenting out the fingerprints and it stopped. Give that a try.

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Great Idea. I just did that and I’ll see how it goes!

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