Iris open/close sensor dead

I have one of my Iris open/close sensors that no longer detects open/close. It is reporting temp fine, as well as battery %. Have tried all the normal reset stuff. When I re-insert the battery it updates Smartthings with current battery/temp - so it’s talking to SmartThings. I’m thinking it’s the sensor itself as even when I wave the magnet next to the sensor the LED doesn’t flash on the sensor like all the rest do. Thoughts? I’m just barley still in the 1 year warranty…do you just take them back and exchange them directly at Lowes? Couldn’t find anything on warranty policies on these things.


I would return it and purchase a replacement.

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Yup, exchange it at Lowe’s.

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Thanks everyone! On the Iris website it says they follow Lowe’s policy which is 90 days, but on the Lowe’s website when you look at the sensor it says 1 year so I bet they’ll Honor it. I still have my receipt in my email from where I did in store pickup. I’ll let you know how I make out.

90 days is generally the return period for most merchandise (i.e. you don’t need a reason to return it, although there are various exceptions, I’m sure).

1 year is the warranty period for replacement of a defective device.

It’s worth noting that Lowes doesn’t do exchanges, they always do a return and refund money. This means when you buy the new one to replace broken, your warranty starts over. :wink:

This is the same with their Utilitech brand of LED bulbs too.

There have been several cases of me going to Lowe’s and picking up a “new” sensor to get it home and there is a used sensor in the box. Lets me know that they don’t really check these things. Now, I make sure the box looks “new” and the plastic tape is on. However, I still see these suspect boxes on the shelf from time to time.

^^^Hint Hint

Yeah me too. Haven’t had a reason to pick up any new iris devices recently, but after the first time I got burned that way I always made sure to check before leaving the store.

It’s not subtle at all, they’re just putting returned merchandise back on the shelf as new even if battery tab has been pulled, wall adhesive is missing, etc. So at least it’s easy to tell by quickly checking the box.


Agreed. This has happened to me.

Yup, I got burned one time on GE Z-Wave Light Switches, came time to do the install and all the seals were broken. And sure enough SmartThings wouldn’t find them. Had to run factory resets on about 5 of them, was a royal pain, but Lowes Was already closed for the day.

In other news, Lowes let me exchange the sensor no problem. Barely looked at my receipt, never entered anything in the computer as far as I saw or gave me a new receipt or even had me sign anything. Just had me pick up another one off the shelf. I exchanged a dead GE switch last month that I didn’t have a receipt for and it was similarly painless, although they did make me sign on that one and looked at my driver’s licence - but they just let me swap it as well. Didn’t have to return/repurchase and didn’t get a new receipt.

This Iris sensor is in totally new packaging btw. Different size & color box. Almost missed it. Wonder if anything changed besides the box…

Those are the new L2 models. As far as i’ve seen they function the same, but may have a new device fingerprint, so might have to manually assign the device type when you pair them.

the new sensor paired up just like the originals - no issues.

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