Device statuses not updating

I have several smart lighting automations that have stopped working or have multiminute delays because it seems like the hub is not updating the status of devices anymore or with big delays. These are plugin / mains powered z-wave devices, so it isn’t a battery issue. Do you guys know what could be causing it?

Automations are like:

  1. Turn on light switch, then turn other light at the same time
  2. One automation that is based on a battery smarthings multisensor, but the battery report for it is %100. That is a zigbee sensor turning on a light when a door opens.

This stuff used to work fine, now it hasn’t. I’ve tried restarting the hub to no avail. Timing based automations still work fine.

There is a report on intermittent delays on the first bug report page in the community – created wiki. You might check the one for May under General Platform issues and see if it is similar to what you’re seeing.