Automations not working (driving me crazy!)

A few days ago all my automatons stopped working and I’ve no idea why!
All are set on motion sensors around the house and have worked fine for a few years with no issue.
Simple automations like - motion detected between 04.30-.07.30 light comes on at 50%
No motion detected for 30mins light goes off
Ive tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling, deleting an automation then setting it up again, checking times or light bulbs don’t overlap in other automatons, all seem ok.
I just can’t find the issue, can someone help??
Thank you

A few days ago there were problems with smartthings itself, but that should have cleared up by now. :thinking:

What country are you in, and if you have a SmartThings Hub, what model is it?

I’m in the Uk. The hub I have is this one :man_shrugging:

I’m in the UK too, yesterday most of my house stopped working but it was resolved by night, but now the same thing is happening, half my house doesn’t work!! Gggrrr…

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I bet they don’t update the SmartThings status page, and leave it as today is fully operational.

“worked fine for a few years” make me jealous… I’ve never got a satisfying motion detection functionality except some cheap ones with no over the air protocols. Got an Ikea zigbee, one Smartthings motionsensor and one Philio Z-wave, and none works as expected. Movement don’t add another 15-20 minutes or whatever the automation says. Why is that? Anyone know the logic here? Not being able to change zwave parameters makes zwave pretty useless as well. Bah…

I have the same issue… Can not use the smartthings app to controll anything… The status for each device is updating fine… But All sensors and switches that are paired to smartthings is not working… Nor is the automations… Thankgod i use hue for All my lights…

As an FYI a Solution from another thread has been to power cycle the hub by physically unplugging it.

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