Device Not Showing Recent Activities?

I am using the classic app and randomly, two of my leviton z-wave switches stopped showing recent activity. The status will not refresh once in a while as well. I have two other switches in the same 4-gang box and the other two work without issue. Any ideas?

The leviton zwave plus dimmers have a


firmware issue. It’s ugly. Currently ST doesn’t support ota zwave firmware updates but it’s in the pipeline. I have many of them. If this applies to you (if you have the leviton zwave plus dimmers and they’re not on current firmware), u can flash them or wait until ST does OTA one day.

Thanks for replying! I have the older models, which are regular z-wave. All are logging the activity in the app fine, except these two. I checked the IDE, they also show up in the logs. However, if I look them up under the device tab, they are not updating there status.

For the hell of it I tried restarting them by turning the breaker on and off. Seems to have done the trick, as they are now reporting properly.

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Nice fix! Somebody had suggested i do that to mine, but it didn’t work long term.

@Matt_Behnken, thanks. Everything continues to work. I think some of these weird quirks are due to my generator kicking on once in awhile. I know it definitely causes my dimmers to spaz out, but resetting the breaker typically fixes the issue. It’s like they get out of phase or something.