Frustrated by mobile app and device status updates

Long story short - switched from Vera to ST and I’m extremely frustrated by the mobile app. I’ve got most of my modules migrated, but simple things like turning a light on won’t work right. Example; I’ll turn a light on using my phone, and my wall mounted tablet doesn’t show that device status change. Or, I’ll turn a light on, and the phone will have the light stuck on “turning on” or “turning off”. Then the light will be on, but my app shows off. Same is happening to my locks - my door closes, lock auto-locks, and ST still says it is unlocked.

I have a GE/Jasco appliance unit in the middle of the house and I know it supports secure z-wave repeating, so range shouldn’t be an issue. None of my lights ever had these issues when I used Vera and Imperihome.

I’m scared to add my other 15 modules now as I may end up having to exclude them all again if this project doesn’t work.

Another issue is that an invited device (signed up using the invite email) still isn’t showing my setup - and I can’t tell how to force it to refresh and show all the things.

And worst of all - my wife doesn’t like this not working right - and if it isn’t wife approved, it isn’t staying.

Any tips on getting this stuff working right?

There have been some recent issues with Z-Wave devices that may be fixed with the latest hub firmware release. You should contact support and let them know of your troubles and ask about the firmware. Hopefully you have also been performing Z-Wave network repairs after adding a bunch of devices as that should help.

We have an acronym for the the wife: WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor). And we agree it is one of the most important aspects to home automation.

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Ben - Are you implying that the problem isn’t at all caused by the polling/refresh frequency that ST uses?

Thanks Ben - it is responding better now, especially with the units that are further away.

That said, the lights and switches shortcuts are still not working right. In the things panel, a light will be on (and it is), but the shortcut says off, or the other way around.

Any tips?

The Android app has gotten pretty bad since they moved to the new UI. It opens so slowly now, and the first page usually crashes requiring you to go back a level in the app. I also hate that it defaults you to the new UI. It is frustrating to use, and doesn’t have the functionality of the things page.


I just started testing ST yesterday. I noticed that when I turn a Jasco dimmer switch ON at the switch it doesn’t update the android app until I refresh the switch. However, turning the light OFF at the switch updates the app almost immediately.

UPDATE: added a couple IFTTT recipes to send me a text when the light is turned on or off. It get the texts if I control the light via the app, but no texts if I use the wall switch. Evidently, the wall switch doesn’t fire the on or off event? If that’s the case, how does it update the status in the app at all?

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