Device Help: Programmable Timer that will still operate if ST goes out

Hi all. I’m looking for a digital timer that can be programmed via ST (or even WiFi). The closest thing I have found is the 40 amp Aeotec, but it doesn’t seem like that would work if the ST hub went out. It is important to me that the timer works even when the network ST/Wifi does not. I have a door lock that works this way and was wondering if any community members knew of a digital timer that also does.

This would be to replace my analog pool pump (110v) timer. I figure it is good time since I am getting a chlorine injection pump and will need to wire that in as well.

I have an Intermatic PE653 to handle my pool equipment. It’s z wave, and it stores schedules for the pump and anything else wired to it (5 relays in all) in its memory, with no ST hub/cloud interaction required. It can also communicate with some variable speed pumps over RS485. You can hook up water and air temperature probes and use it as a heater thermostat. There’s a separate remote that allows local control and is the means for programming schedules (can’t be done in ST). I just switched to ST this winter, but the ST integration looks pretty good (custom DTH required, available on the forum) and I’m looking forward to trying it out in warmer weather.

However, Intermatic doesn’t seem to have done any work on the device for several (many?) years. The remote is a bit dated, but ST integration makes up for that. Some of the big pool names (Jandy, etc) also have devices, but I haven’t researched them to know whether they can be integrated with ST or programmed via WiFi.

You could also go the complete DIY route, with a Pi or microcontroller hooked up to relays. There are some threads on the forum where people have done projects like that.


If you want to look at some of the full-featured pool automation systems like Jandy or aqualink there has been some community effort done on those, but then you’re talking about a system which by itself is $3000 and up typically, so it didn’t really sound like with the OP was looking at.

If you do want to take a look at what other people have done, you can look on the quick browse list in the community – created wiki and look down near the bottom of the page for “project reports” and there is a list there for pool projects.

But again, if all you need is an on off switch, you can get an on off switch for much less money. If you want an on off switch with schedules, I agree, the Intermatic is very cool, I didn’t know anyone was still selling that, but last time I looked it was around $400.

How complex are the schedules that you were trying to set up? If you can find a heavy duty micro or zwave switch that works locally with smartthings, you might be able to set up a simple schedule that way.

So lots of different ways to approach the issue depending on the details of what you want the outcome to be. :sunglasses:

The Intermatic is still out there - inyopools lists a complete package for $470, and it’s also available on other pool supply websites and Amazon. Not cheap, but it has five switches (1x 20A and 4x 15A), which can be on 3 different circuits, so it can handle a good amount of pool automation like a chemical pump, lights, booster pump, valve actuators, or a spa blower.

I certainly have my worries about it continuing to work with ST, but my backup is that I’m pretty sure it’s working with Hubitat. I’m hesitant about recommending it as a new purchase considering how long it’s been since Intermatic has touched it, that the integration isn’t official, and that zwave inclusion is a little odd. But as you said, the other solutions like Jandy are much more expensive.

I’m not familiar with the Lutron line - I’m guessing OP would need a relay to drive a pump motor unless they sell a heavy duty option. Maybe another option could be one of the heavy duty smart switches with Hubitat?

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Right, it all depends on the current set up. If the OP already has just a regular 110v on/off switch wired in, then you can replace that switch. But that’s why I said to check the specs. If it’s a heavy duty switch or there are some other issues, then it’s not so simple.

Thanks guys this all great info. The intermatic does look nice but not sure if I can justify that price tag for some added convenience.

The pump is rated for 15 amps at 115 volts so that would far exceed what the lutron can handle (1725w by my math).

Do all lutron caseta switches have local memory or just the pro ones?

It is currently wired to an analog timer, no additional switches are wired in.

Lutron’s local memory is in the smartbridge device, not in the individual switches.

That said, I misunderstood your original post (I’m tired today) so I don’t think there’s anything in the lutron Caseta line that’s going to work for you. :disappointed_relieved: Sorry for the confusion.

darn. Guess I’ll either stick with the analog or get a standard digital intermatic. I appreciate the info.

Another possible option… This Honeywell Aube TI040 timer has some sort of 3-way switch option on it. I saw a comment on it that someone had hooked up a standard zwave switch to it to override the built in timer. It looks like it functions as a temporary override until the next schedule kicks in.

You’d have to program the timer manually, but the override function could give you some extra functionality. I think the Z-Wave switch on/off state would be completely irrelevant to whether the pump is running though, so you’d need a power metering device or some other mechanism to determine that if that’s important.

Here’s a WiFi option, but there are complaints about it not functioning when WiFi is down, so that’s probably not a good fit.