Looking to automate pool filter (not using relay)

I current have my pool on a timer using an Intermatic T101. This unit is in my basement and NOT connected to the pool filter directly (it controls the receptacle that the pool filter plugs into in my back yard). The pump and the T101 are both 120V. No, I can not use an outdoor GE plug because the filter has different prongs.

I would like to replace this unit with some kind of zwave device. Unless I am wrong in the research that I have seen, it looks like the relays that do this are meant to connect to the filter directly? If so, is there something else that I can put in place of this timer? As you probably guessed, I have a single speed pump.

Intermatic CA3750 Z-Wave Contactor Module

i think this is the kind of device that you are looking for,

this is what i planned to purchase to control my pump before we moved.

Thanks so much! That seems to be what I am looking for.