Water timer

(Barra O'Donovan) #1

Hi , i want to control my immersion through ST via a fibaro relay , however I’m really struggling to find any kind of smartapp that will give me options to power relay for say 1 hr , 2 hrs or a timer option in order to heat my water tank .

I know I could create virtual switches but I’d much prefer to have all options on one page if possible .

Any help , input would be much appriciated .

(Robin) #2

Have you looked into webCoRE?

(Eric) #3

as in a sous vide?

(Robin) #4


(Eric) #5

What? I’m not sure what kind of immersion he is talking about.

(Robin) #6

It’ll be a regular immersion heater for a hot water cylinder.


Have you checked the Fibaro relay rating V the heater spec… it’s probably a lot of juice to run through that little module.

(Barra O'Donovan) #7

No I use the module to energise a contactor that has all the power going through it ,

(Barra O'Donovan) #8

What would the difference between doing it on core or webcore , i know webcore is more powerful but I’ve yet to properly look at it

(Robin) #9

For your needs not much… if you’ve already got CoRE and are happy using it then no need to over complicate things.

(Barra O'Donovan) #10

Do you see what I’m trying to do though , I’d like all the immersion options like 1 hr boost , 2 hr boost and maybe a countdown timer to turn on for 1 hr … I know it’s a lot but would you have any ideas

(Robin) #11

It will be fairly straightforward but however you do it you’ll need virtual switches or routines.

If routine 1hr runs
with heater
turn on
wait 1 hour
turn off

If routine 2hr runs
with heater
turn on
wait 2 hour
turn off

(Barra O'Donovan) #12

Yea that’s pretty much the way I’ve gone about it , i can still use my nest to schedule hot water too so I’ll have to live with it for the minute , thanks .

(Barra O'Donovan) #13

Tell me this robin, is it still not possible to integrate your nest into ST if your in the uk ?

(Robin) #14

Yes… I use NST Manager.