Wifi aqua timer

I currently use a Melnor water timer for my drip watering system for my garden and flower beds. I have had an interest in the Lowes timer if it could be integrated with ST and I have read the posts on that device. However I ran across a new product from Melnor called the wifi aqua timer. It is $199 but uses wifi to control the timer for 4 zones. Can work on a tablet, smartphone, or pc. Would love to hear some developers out there about how to go about integrating this timer into ST. It is new just out this spring. I saw a youtube video of it in use and it is only available through ACE hardware online and maybe one other store online. Pricey but really cool. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u8_n5P8Bm4Y

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Can’t find an API. Send their support team an email to see if they have an API and let us know :slight_smile:

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I saw that somebody on the Home Assistant community has managed to write a Python Library and integrate the Wifi Aqua Timer there. I don’t know enough about the programming side of it, but I wonder if anything could be extrapolated from his code, for SmartThings?


Has anyone played around with this yet ?

Anyway to interface this with ST yet?

Would be ideal if the controller could talk to ST without the Melnor server. It has been down right now as well as most of the day, so the device is an expensive manual valve to the moment.