Jet tub Timer?


Ok so I would like to turn my current timer into a zwave.

Before I get smacked around for not searching I have search here and most of Amazon looking for something. So please if anyone knows of one let me know.


What’s the current model number?


Don’t have it in front of me will post once i get off work


In most cases it’s going to be easier to just remove that timer all together and put a relay control on the pump or whatever and then use rules in SmartThings to set a schedule for it. So we’d also need to know the brand and model of whatever’s being controlled by this timer.

Remember that SmartThings can manage both Zwave and Zigbee protocols. If you’re in the US, smartenIT Zigbee relays which are on the official compatibility list are often used with pool equipment.:sunglasses:


Thank you for that site. I will get the model info and if I can’t do the timer then might try your suggestion. The only down side to that is if the internet goes down or someone else wants to use it I would have to give up my phone or tablet.


Once you have a controllable relay on it you can add an additional switch that just, say, turns it on for 45 minutes. Or you could even use a $20 Wi-Fi phone and set it up as an in the house controller for the tub. You could also use a mini mote and have each of the four buttons mean something different. There would be a number of options. :sunglasses:


Nice, see this is why I love using the SmartThings hub, got a problem ask and someone will have either a solution or ideas to get one. Speaking of the phone I am thinking about putting a cell backup on my home network just for that reason.


A wifi phone doesn’t have to have a cell contract or connection, it’s like a wifi only tablet model. It can be used to connect to your local WiFi instead of cellular. Obviously your Wi-Fi has to be working, but it does give you some options.

BTW, It’s not really a Wi-Fi only phone, it’s a prepaid phone that you buy that has Wi-Fi capability but you just never get a cellular card for it. :sunglasses:


Yeah I got a few old tablets I can most likely use for that.

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I replaced my bathroom fan timers with zwave on/off and use rule machine to control them. Before rule machine I used smart lighting to turn them off after 30 minutes