Device handlers Tuya PIR for ST

Hi everyone, I have this pir sensor of the tuya RH3040, I need its device handlers.
Thank you and good evening

Per instructions I found on the web (Amazon) and tweaked for updates.

Samsung SmartThings

  1. Press and hold the reset button for 5 seconds until the indicator starts flashing red on the sensor
  2. Add Device by Scanning for Nearby devices (in the SmartThings app)
  3. Initially the motion sensor will be identified as a Thing in the app
  4. Log in to SmartThings Groovy IDE with your Samsung account -
  5. Edit the Thing and change type to Zigbee motion detector. After a few moments it will synchronise with the app and start fully operating as a motion sensor

thanks for the reply, I am attaching a screen. It doesn’t seem to be recognized well

Since it’s a battery powered device, it may not update until it sees a change, but since it’s a motion sensor it should have done something.

Can you try changing the Type field to “SmartSense Motion Sensor” to see if that helps?

thanks, but the battery is still not detected.
and for the door and window sensor TS0203? How do I configure it?

do you have info for the door and window sensor TS0203?

Oops, sorry for not seeing your post from yesterday. Try the Type “SmartSense Open/Closed Sensor”. For both the motion sensor and door/window sensor, the battery may not report for a very long time, perhaps only when there’s a change in voltage, or low battery. In fact, I thought I read that the motion sensor only reports low battery events.

Thank you so much everything works perfectly