Adanze/Tuya PIR sensor slow to repsond

Hello. Recently added this PIR device to my Zigbee/ST setup:

I’m using it to turn on some lights during the night when motion is detected using an automation…pretty standard stuff. Having a few issues and was hoping someone with experience might be able to help.

It seems the device has a long ‘cool-down’ period when it detects motion before it will change back to ‘no motion detected’ or before it will detect motion again. This is often several minutes before it will change state again. The Samsung ST devices were near instant or within a few seconds and would change rapidly rom motion to no-motion. Is there a way to change this response time?

I don’t know if its related to the above also but i find my automation only works part of the time, the automation is only active during sunset-sunrise and if the PIR detects motion a light should come on (auto turn off after 2 mins) however testing the last few weeks at night it will only work perhaps 50% of the time. I have similar automations working for a set of outside lights using all ST plugs and sensors and this works perfectly 99% of the time so the only differentiating factor in this instance in the Adanse/Tuay sensor.

Thanks for any help.

Get this instead:

Similar behaviour for me, unless movement stops long enough for it to re-arm, it doesn’t send again a motion detected input. Which make it useless in the typical scenario when you want a light to stay on until movement stops for a while.

Didn’t find a solution.

Sorry for taking so long to respond.

You have to be able to write your own driver, but the Tuya motion sensor is able to “refresh and reset” in 60 seconds.

Other than using your own driver, I’m not sure how to do it in SmartThings.

Does the sensor you suggested have a 60 second “blind” period after motion is detected?