Device Handler for Bosch ISW-ZPR1-WP13 motion sensor with local execution?

Hello, I have many Bosch motions ( ISW-ZPR1-WP13) which have for years, worked quite reliably for me. But they make up the majority of my devices with execution location “cloud”. My newer motions are all SmartThings motions which execute locally.

Is there a Device handler for these Bosch motions which will operate locally?
I have moved onto the SmartThings motions now and I do like them… it’s just that I have so many of the Bosch… and they used to be so much more reliable than they are these days.

i have them inside and outside. most of the outside ones are on fence posts and have stood up to the weather elements pretty good. i used to use the custom device handler, but fairly recently switched to the built in device handler. both are cloud based and as far as i know there is no local device handler.

What I’ve done for Z-Wave devices is just start selecting other device handlers in the IDE, wake up the device, then check the app to see if it’s working. Eventually you may find one running local and working. Trial and error I’m afraid.
Could even try the same you’re using on the SmartThings branded sensors.