Device Handler For A TKB Home TZ57 Double Relay Wall Switch

HI anyone her managed to get find a device handler for a TKB Home - TZ57 Double Relay Wall Switch.

I have several TKB devices that all work with generic Z-Wave handlers, but can’t get it to work. I have tried - Philio Dual Relay and Fibaro FGS 222 Double Relay Handlers and each allows me to control both switches at the same time but not individually.

I’m not techie in any way so I’m probably doing something very wrong. Perhaps there is a setting I could tweak in one of those handlers?

Any help greatly appreciated.

Update: The generic Z-wave handler for Z-Wave Dual switch actually works. Because I had tried other handlers which had created Child switches it wasn’t. As soon as I deleted the old child switches it started functioning as it should.

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