[RELEASE] TKBHOME tz66-s, tz66-d, tz65-s, tz-65-d

DTH for the single- and dual wall switches from Wenzhou TKBHome. Because the vendor was too lazy to provide proper model id’s and apparently the z-wave alliance finds that acceptable, the dimmers and switches each share the same product and model id’s. So after including them you will probably need to set the right DTH by hand. Each handler has preferences for all corresponding settings. The dual pads have 4 inclusion groups, the single pad versions have one. Currently only single channel association is supported, pleas supply a comma separated list of network id’s.


Nice work!

I’ve installed the handler for the 66S and 66D devices and I can’t seem to be able to control them 100% from the ST app…any ideas?

What do you mean by not 100%?

I’m not too sure right now if it’s a question of the handler, my hands, my home or the ST platform but things aren’t working smoothly lately… I can’t make the lights turn on or off consistently… Happens with these tkbhome switches, with the aqara wireless switches and with an open/close sensor that is only identified as a MOTION sensor…

Hi @CopyCat73

I have the handler working with my lights - which is awesome! Thanks!!
I was wondering if you knew how to get the (dual) right switch to show up in WebCore?

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