Z wave solution for dual switch

I am looking for a Z-Wave device/solution to control a dual switch, which currently controls ground and first floor hallway lights. I would still like to keep the curent faceplate/switch so the lights can still be controlled as they are now but with the added benefit of being able to control them via smartthings. Any ideas on what I need?

See this thread that’s a week or two old, specifically the leviton switch they mention (with link to an older topic). Sounds like it’s a PITA to get working with ST but would work for what you describe.

Or you can use an in-wall dual relay that connects to two loads if you absolutely can’t replace the actual switch.

Either way, do some searching through these forums (easier said than done, many topics are old and/or very long) and you’ll find plenty of people that have dealt with this issue before.

Hi. Yes I meant 2-way.

Thinking about it now, I don’t mind having to change the front plate. I just want to be able to turn on/off the load manually as well as via ST. I have also found a double relay switch, which apparently has modules built in, switch can control 2 loads separately - http://www.vesternet.com/z-wave-tkb-double-relay-wall-switch-tz37-gen5 . Would this do the trick? If not, your suggestions would be welcomed.

Pictures below. Not much space in the box so was difficult to take better pictures. No idea about wiring so I’m hoping you will better knowledge of these pictures then me. Any other suggestions for

Yes I’m in the UK.

There should be enough space to shove in a fibaro module in. I will look at the double switch too. Thanks for the sketch and your advice

@nikeshkanani did you eventually buy the TKB TZ37? If so, can you tell me about it? :slight_smile: