Tkb tz66d double switch

Hi all!

I’ve currently got installed a tkb tz66d double switch.

I’ve spoken to support and they say that it isn’t compatible… but hey, I have been able to get one of the switches to work… but not the other one…

Anyone out here that might be able to shed light on this?

Should I just return the switch or have you been able to make it work?

Thanks for reading!

Most likely this is a multi-channel device. That is, it only has one z-wave radio in it and therefore only shows up as one device to controllers, but has two different relays (channels) that control power.

There are some people who are working on multi-channel device types (here’s a thread with some discussion on it: Zwave Power Strip from AEON), but I don’t know if this would work reliably with this device or not.

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Hey Chris!

Thanks for the answer… I checked the thread… Looks promising… But I’m no dev… Lol!

Since it’s been a few months since I wrote that… It may be that someone has an answer?

Or will I be stuck with that device at 50% of its possibilities?

Hello Daniel,

Quoting your text – “I’ve spoken to support and they say that it isn’t compatible… but hey, I have been able to get one of the switches to work… but not the other one…”

I am trying to pair the same TZ66D with the SmartThings hub but have not been successful. Can you please help me how with how you paired the two. Much appreciated.


Reviving this old topic… SmartThings released a multi channel control app… anyone know how to use it?

Doesn’t appear to be a multi-channel device. It looks like the second switch is a remote that will send commands to whatever is associated via group 2. So it will need a custom device handler.

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bumping this thread.

I have a TK65D, which from a z-wave perspective is the same as the TK66D device discussed in this thread. I’ve been playing around with a custom device type trying to get the right-hand paddle to work. As you suggest, this device doesn’t handle any of the multi-channel events so I’m concluding that it’s not multi-channel compatible.

From looking at the device manual, again as you suggest, the left paddle uses group 1 and the right paddle uses group 2.

Both paddles will transmit basicSet and basicReport events when pressed. These can be handled for the right paddle by associating with group 2 upon configuration:

zwave.associationV1.associationSet(groupingIdentifier:1, nodeId:zwaveHubNodeId).format(),
zwave.associationV1.associationSet(groupingIdentifier:2, nodeId:zwaveHubNodeId).format(),

The problem with this is that now both left and right paddle send events and I am unable to find a way of determining which group this event came from. I’m hoping there’s some property I can look up in order to get this information…

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If you need a guinea pig… give me a shout!

Did you ever get a chance to build a Device Handler? I’m still hoping to be able to use that second switch…