General exclusion gone from IDE and app?

I’ve got a device that I excluded from my v1 hub, but now the v3 hub can’t find it…and according to it’s LED (Aeon Labs smart power switch), the exclusion was not successful. So…I was hoping to hit it with a general exclusion from the app or IDE, but can’t find it. Help!

In the app, go to menu > devices > your hub > click 3 dots in the upper right of the screen and select z-wave utilities. Note: this only shows for the v2 hubs and above but not for the v1 hub.

In IDE at, got to hubs > view utilities > z-wave utilities

Thanks jkp! I actually have all 3 hubs on my network: v1 (runs everything), v2 (online, but never migrated to it), and now v3. So I have multiple “exclude” options with v2, v3, and I found it in the IDE. Thanks!