Local and cloud devices

Hey hawks,

Would you please explain to me how do I know if the device will run locally or cloudy before I buy it?
Becouse I bought zigbee AQARA devices and when I conneted them I noticed that they are all cloudy execution, while I bought zigbee smart life device And when connected to the hub it was found local execution…

I would really appreciate your support

Did you use Edge drivers for them? If so, they would appear as Cloud Execution in IDE but would actually be running locally. You can check if they are using an Edge driver by opening the device in the ST app > click the 3 dots in the upper right of the screen > if you see Driver in the list then that device is using an Edge driver.

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Thanks for the reply…

I’m not using edge, would you please direct me how to use edge…

The way SmartThings handles Zigbee devices is in transition. Historically they have used ‘device type handlers’ which run in the cloud, but some handlers were also implemented in native code in the hubs and devices that use those ran locally.

This approach is being replaced by ‘Edge drivers’ and those all run locally. They are in open beta test and generally very usable already. So there won’t be an issue in future, if you can use a Zigbee device with the SmartThings hub it will run locally.

Notice the bit in italics. There will still be the question of whether you can use a Zigbee device directly with the hub at all, but if you can it will run locally. If a device worked with a handler then it will be able to work with a driver, but that doesn’t mean one has been written.

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