I am looking for a zigbee electrical outlet with consumption meter that works with local drive edge (Italy)

As the title suggests, I used sockets with tasmota firmware, but perhaps due to changes on Smartthings, the automations related to energy consumption no longer work, so I was looking for a worthy replacement.
I have seen this, but I have not found a drive edge for her in this forum. Am I wrong to look for? Or do you have any other advice? Thank you

or this?

My advice would be just to wait a few months. Once the transition is complete, every Zigbee device connected to a SmartThings/Aeotec WASH hub will run locally with an Edge Driver. But right now Edge is still in early Beta and there are lots of changes happening. It’s just too soon to tell what features will be available in the standard Edge Drivers. So speaking just for myself, I wouldn’t be spending a lot of money on new devices for a SmartThings setup right now. We know big changes are coming but we don’t know all the details and that makes it very difficult to select specific device models with confidence.

JMO of course. :sunglasses:

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