Device Database Suggestion

I know I read (I think @Ben may have posted it) that ST is looking to place the list of devices more prominently on the website. Might I suggest a step further and include an actual database of devices containing more info? Here are some ideas I have off the top of my head…

  • it could include what is and is not supported on a particular device
  • it could allow apps and other code to be posted and linked to it. So, when a developer or end user comes up with something that adds more functionality, it could be directly associated with it (also add the option to associate with many things since I’m guessing some code might work for multiple devices).
  • allow for links to the manufacturer’s website for manuals, etc, if available
  • better grouping and sorting by device type, manufacturer, compatibility level (100%, 70%, etc) with ST
  • perhaps a community rating where people can post their experience with the device
  • a tips (ST and community sourced) area for each device, listing things such as best placement for motion sensors and other things for each device
  • a link to purchase it on Amazon (so ST can get an Amazon Associate Fee)
  • list devices that don’t work (or are not officially supported) and allow users to vote on them, post code for them (if they created a way to use them), etc
  • status of testing and approval with ST

I’m sure I could come up with a few more ideas, but I have had a few drinks sitting outside on this beautiful day. :smile:


Oooooohhhhhh ya. This is something that’s going to need to happen. In fact part of the new certification process is collecting all of this data.

Excellent! The sooner the better! (No pressure, though! :)) I think a key to this would be community interaction. Offering us the ability to contribute helps everyone, like I said before. I also think a link to Amazon is good for ST. If you are going to build a comprehensive database, then you should get something for it.

Will there be an option to see if there are updates available to a SmartApp that I might have added? Offering that ability, much like the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store would be very helpful.

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@brianlees all updates are applied automatically :steam_locomotive:

Very nice… Filing this under…

Getting a notification of new options in the smart apps would be helpful though so you know what you can change in the options.


I completely agree. I still think the SmartApps should be displayed like an app store, where you can search and read about them, review them, and yes, see what has changed in the update.

To expand upon this (I was looking at some old posts), users should get notified when updates occur within the app and devs should be given instructions on how to identify the changes to help ensure consistency across the platform.

One thing I worry about is with all the different developers, they will all do things differently. That is great…too a point. Giving them guidelines on something as seemingly mundane as how to identify updates and fixes applied will go a REALLY LONG WAY to building s platform that has a cohesive and consistent structure. Remember, this is needed for the next wave of customers. They are not the early adopters, the tech savvy ones. They are going to be the mainstream ones coming because Apple now offers HomeKit or Google now offers something and “I want to automate my home”.

I could see it being cool to also have links to community discussions on a certain device (how people have modded existing code, repurposed the device for other uses)

I like that. Think about how Woot (for those that partake in the mayhem there) has a message thread for each Woot they post. It’s a great way to bring the database and the community closer together.

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