Anyone insterested in creating a SmartThings Wikia site?

(Jonathan McGuire) #1

@April @Ben This community is great for learning and discussion, but more and more I find myself needing a comprehensive site dedicated to documentation without any discussion to get in the way.

What I propose is a Wikia site with categories listed at the top… “Connected Devices, Smart Apps, Use Examples, IDE”.

  • Connected Devices: two sub categories; Officially Supported and Community Supported. Each device listed would have its own page linked to the name. That page would show and image of the device, what sensors are built in, use examples, smart apps that it can be associated with, and have a link to the device type code.

  • Smart Apps: three sub categories; Offical, ST Labs, Community. Each app would list the type of devices it connects, the use case and examples, and have a link to the code.

  • Use Examples: Not sure what the best way is to organize the thousands of ways ST can be used, but it would be nice to have all of them listed in one place for users to get ideas. Each use case would list the devices involved and the smart apps that make it work as well as the overall purpose and rationale

  • IDE: A general introduction to how things work behind the smart phone app. How to create a device type or smart app from code listed in the other sections of the Wikia. How to modify certain parameters. A link to where beginners can learn more about Groovy.

Each page would have hyperlinks allowing easy navigation between devices, apps, use cases, and code. If you are on the ST Motion Sensor page and want to see the details of “Lights Follow Me” app, all you would have to do is click the link (in the section that lists associated apps) to be taken to the “Lights Follow Me” page. There you would see what devices are needed and be told how to set it up using your smart phone.

This page would be a great supplement to the ST community, even providing links to discussion here for those who have questions or ideas. I hope this is something that will benefit community devs and help reduce the number of repetitive questions/topics. If anyone is interested in helping start this please let me know.

Idea: SmartApp directory
(Darryl) #2

I feel a Wiki is long overdue…

Can we get device specific sub areas to help with the noise?
(Jonathan McGuire) #3

Got it started… SmartThings Wikia

(Jonathan McGuire) #4

I’ve gotten a little bit of the framework started, please everyone check it out and let me know what you think. Once the basic framework is completed and there are a few pages for each category it should be pretty simple for others to add content.