Amazon SmartThings Compatible Store

Went for a browse for new HA products on Amazon and saw that they are now categorizing by Hub Compatibility
So if you’re in question about whether a product is ST compatible, you’ll find nearly all of them in one place now.

60 products listed as of today


This is nice… thanks for the tip!

It is missing quite a few items but it is a start.

It is, but good for those who are new to ST.

Maybe the sales/marketing department can provide amazon with an up to date list of compatible devices so they can keep growing the store. More devices sold could equal more hubs sold. @Ben

@Ben do your marketing guys have any influence here? Seems like there hasn’t been any increase in products since first posting.

Yeah we have to manually update that. We are launching an new and improved version of the compatible devices google doc as early as today. Thew marketing team is updating the Amazon page too.


I noticed you took off the Fibaro moisture sensor that was there yesterday.

That might just fall off as it goes out and in stock…

Awesome! Love the Amazon store and love to hear that the spreadsheet is getting a makeover as well!

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@Ben might I also recommend highlighting newly added products on the list in a different color or something, that way those of us who stalk it can immediately see whats new!

@ben I can vouch for Philips LivingColors (friends of hue) which works 100% fine with ST but not listed as supported. It has been months since it has been working and ST recognizes it at the first go.

@Ben So when is the new Google Doc going to be released, and when is the Amazon site going to be updated? I haven’t noticed any changes since this was posted.

Not a Google Doc but this instead:


@urman - can we add these / test these?

Linear Dimmers and switches are missing presently, but I like the new list👍

Sweet! I like! Thanks, @Ben!

which devices???

Love it!

20 amazing characters

Not a big one but Philips Hue fans will like this. The livingcolors works absolutely fine and have been testing it for weeks. Much better than the bloom.

@urman both Linear Dimmers and Switches and Philips LivingColors seem to be community tested but not on the list.