Wrong Devices Switching On or Off (August 2021)

I have now had two instances where device interacted improperly. Turn on a light and my garage door also opens for example is the worst case. But there are other including turn on one light and other lights shut off. Turn on or off a light and a smart plug turns off. This, of course, and is the worst case scenario for a home automation system. Using Hub V2 with direct ethernet connection to my router. Have Z-Wave and Zigbee devices under SmartThings control. Does anybody have any idea what might be causing this problem/disaster?

Do you use Amazon Alexa? If yes, do you have Hunches enabled?

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I have had what I guess is slow caching issues, a tile shows one device but when opened the device is different

I guess if I had activated the tile, maybe the incorrect device could have operated, I didn’t realy test that it seemed after a few attempts at opening the device tile eventually the correct device displayed

Not had any automation issues that I have noticed though

Galaxy S10 latest v2 update

Hunches is not the issue.

Automations, Scenes seem to work fine.

To repeat the most common description is I turn on or off a light using SmartThings on my iPhone and other lights and other devices respond and turn on or off. The response is immediate and seems to be clearly cause and effect. Impacted are both Z-Wave and Zigbee devices. Lights controlled by Z-Wave wall switches and Zigbee light bulbs. In addition to lights a zigbee smart plug and a z-wave garage door opener have been effected at times. I have powered off the garage door opener and removed the smart plug because I can’t afford to have either of those activate unintentionally.

I have turned off a Z-Wave wall switch and as many as six different wall switches and bulbs throughout my house simultaneously turned on.

I have manually powered on kitchen overhead lights via a Z-Wave wall switch and they turn off on their own moments later. This happened five or six times over a ten minute period. Left them alone for an hour and now they are working fine.

I have power cycled the SmartThings V2 hub and I have run a repair on the Z-Wave network and that hasn’t helped.

For the past four years or so all of these things worked more or less properly.

Other symptoms include delayed responses, caching of messages but those have been going on for quite a year or more without having unintended and undesired interaction until now.

The 1st incident of a few weeks ago (which somehow resolved on its own) and the current ongoing incident seem to have been triggered by my adding devices to my SmartThings system.

I have about 56 Z-Wave devices and 16 Zigbee devices in the system.

Anybody have any suggestions on how enlist Samsung support to take a meaningful look at this disastrous problem?

Had the same issue, happened twice in the Apple app. Rarely use the app as automations usually do what they are supposed to do.

Reinstalled the app both times when the issue occured.