Crazy device cross-talk

It first happened a few months back and I thought that it was just a one off glitch. Now it has happened four times and I have no idea how to troubleshoot.

An automation is triggered, via button press or schedule so far. Random devices then change state in addition to the expected action.

Example 1:
Automation from a switch press to turn off three lights on the kitchen triggered, but randomly turned on/off lights throughout the house.

Example 2:
Schedule to close one set of blinds, also closed two unrelated blinds and turned a bunch of lights on and others off.

Other examples are the same but different. There’s no single device or action that appears to cause if, each time it has been different. Some devices are groovy, some edge and some integrated (ie Philips Hue)

I have no idea how to troubleshoot or where to really start.

do you use Amazon’s Alexa in your house?


Brand and model of the devices?

In particular, Zigbee handheld buttons and remotes, as well as battery powered, wall-mounted, remotes, have been known to trigger other Zigbee devices in the same Zigbee group. :thinking: that’s because many of these devices have the option to be used without a hub at all, just the remote and the smart bulb, so they have the ability to broadcast directly to the group.


Yes to Alexa.

Makes are Ikea blinds, Philips Hue (via bridge integration), Seinfeld bulbs, GE/Jasco dimmers and switches, and Schlage lock.

Wifi devices are Samsung QN90B and Q950A, NeoBlinds via IFTT integration.

I asked for the model numbers because that’s what matters for troubleshooting. Just as an example, the GE switches and the Schlage locks come in both Zigbee and zwave models. Each can get glitchy, but for different reasons. :thinking: So especially when asking for troubleshooting help on the internet in the future please give specific model numbers.

That said, you have enough variety in your setup that it doesn’t look like a protocol issue.

Most likely either SmartThings platform glitches, delayed automations, or Alexa hunches.

Alexa hunches are easiest to troubleshoot, so I’d start by looking there.

I’m not feeling well this morning so I’ll leave it to others to answer questions on that, but here’s a good thread, with a lot of details from someone who got hit by the problem:

I will go pull all the exact model numbers for you.

It’s not an Alexa issue, from what I can tell. Alexa does not have any routines that call SmartThings devices, we only connect it to Harmony Hub, which is not integrated with ST. There was nothing in the logs for Alexa calls recorded. We only have the Alexa Show in our bedroom too, and it is disabled in all the other smart devices, like the TV, and soundbar.

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I had a similar, but not exact issue as OP some time ago. I turned off Alexa Hunches, (it is on by default), and the problem stopped. It is an easy troubleshoot. I actually had no idea Hunches was even a thing…


Smarthome list


GE/Jasco - 46199, 43076, 43080

Sengled - Classic A19

IKEA - Fytur

Schlage - Schlage Connect

Linkind - unknown model of open/close sensor

Philips Hue - Hue indoor motion sensor

Aqara - Cube


Philips Hue Bridge - integrated natively with ST

Ecobee - integrated natively with ST

Samsung - QN90B and Q950A


MyQ - Liftmaster Garage Door

Aqara - M2 and Camera Hub

The Samsung SmartThings doesn’t show persistent logs in graph, and no routines appear to be running in the app logs. The devices that changed state, did not show it in the app logs.

I do not believe hunches are in my region. They do not appear in the Alexa app

I’m not sure about regions, but I searched endlessly to find out why a device was turning OFF at random times without any interaction. I found nothing in the event list or any logs that showed the device state was changed. It was weird. Then someone suggested Hunches. Never had the problem again. It was hard to locate in the app. I think I read that you can speak the command to Alexa to turn it off.

Last year, Amazon rolled out an Alexa feature called Hunches. It allows the assistant to proactively complete house tasks for you without having to ask permission . Alexa will perform hunches - like automatically turn off your lights - all based on your past habits and requests.

Looks like hunches already turned off

You mentioned it started about a month ago. Did anything happen around that time… add new device/edit any devices/hub firmware update that may occurred around that time? Nothing shows in History for any of the devices affected?

Which hub do you have?

Noticed you have MyQ… have you switched it to Edge yet? Not related to your matter at hand.

Which model hub?

I ask because about a month ago, smartthings updated the firmware in the V3 hub to turn on the thread radio. Which is actually the same radio as the Zigbee radio, but the two are now taking turns. This caused a bunch of issues for some community members with their Zigbee devices, including some random turning on and off. They tried to fix it with a new hub firmware update, which didn’t fix it right away, although I think it’s supposed to be fixed now after yet another update.

Anyway, the point of all that is that quite a few people were having problems with Zigbee Devices in November, and December, But of course that doesn’t explain the other issues unless there was a triggering issue with the Zigbee device. :thinking:

There were a number of different threads about the issue, the following was typical:

the issue was also mentioned in the official release notes for the hub Firmware updates.

Aeotec Smart Home Hub/2018/2015 Model Hub Firmware Hotfix Notes - 0.45.11

Again, I don’t know if that has anything to do with the problems you were seeing, but I did just want to mention it as the timeline is similar.

I have added devices to the Hue Bridge, but nothing to the ST hub. I have a v3 on the latest firmware 45.11

Other than this everything is rock solid. All my devices work like normal, and automations and smart lighting are fine.

The MyQ is not integrated with SmartThings directly. I did have an IFTTT integration at one point, but I must have deleted it some time as I never used it.

I’ll take a look through the links provided tomorrow now. Thanks for all the replies so far

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