Device converted to an Edge driver has reverted itself back to a stock DTH?

Just noticed today that a couple of sensors I had converted over to using an edge driver (custom one I had created/installed) have somehow reverted back to using a stock DTH. I have no idea when that happened, but KNOW they were converted over to the edge driver a couple of months ago.
The edge driver is still installed on my hub.

Anyone have an idea how this might’ve happened and how I can prevent it going forwards? Something related to the auto-migration perhaps? I had understood once an edge driver was installed for a device, the migration should not affect that.

More background: the devices in question were using a custom DTH prior to my converting to an edge driver, and after the conversion I had deleted that DTH from my IDE. The devices do NOT have a stock edge driver with matching fingerprints, hence my need to create my own edge driver.

More details please…

  • Type of device (brand/model).
  • stock DTH that it switched to?
  • if you open device, tap on 3 dots… is Driver gone? Or are you going by IDE?
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Monoprice multi-sensor, fingerprint info: type:0701 mfr:0109 prod:2002 model:0205

It switched to the Z-Wave Plus Motion/Temp Sensor (from IDE). Previously I had a custom DTH but that no longer exists (removed from IDE after I had “successfully” convert the device to an edge driver).

In the app, the 3 dot click no longer shows any driver field.

As I mentioned, the CLI tool does show the driver I had previously used still on my hub.

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