Converting zwave devices to Edge without exclusion?

This seems like it’s not intended behavior, but I managed to get a z-wave device switched from a DTH to an Edge driver without excluding it first. I have a driver set up with fingerprints for all of my GE z-wave switches, but have only moved over about half of my switches. Today I was joining Zooz sensors (Black Friday purchases) when a new device popped up using the GE driver. I figured it was just the neighbor’s light strip popping back onto my network like it always does, but when I started digging I noticed that the network ID matched an existing GE switch (still on DTH) with the same fingerprint. Toggling state caused the physical device to turn off/on, though status in the app only updated on the old device.

I figured another member of the household must’ve toggled the switch (the inclusion protocol for these) while I had the hub in include mode. So of course I had to test that on two other switches. My full process that led to one of them being converted was:

  1. Put the hub in scan nearby
  2. Toggle the switch
  3. New device pops up
  4. Force delete the old device through the Groovy IDE
  5. Run z-wave repair (the new device was taking 5+ seconds to respond)
  6. Profit!

So… probably not supposed to happen. Maybe screwed something up on the back end. Not sure how easily it applies to other devices. But it seems to work.


Can you provide a link to Z-wave drivers you are using?

Seems like this only happens for older devices that aren’t z-wave plus. Still haven’t moved beyond the GE devices, but older wall outlets were also picked up. Convenient since I’d otherwise have to figure out how to get them next to the hub.

@Paul_Oliver Maybe in a few days. My driver is still a mess while I’m figuring out which of my switches need which association groups/config parameters.


I am in no rush. Whenever you are ready works for me.

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