Device & Associated Automations

Is there any information on a device which shows its associated automations? I use WebCore and when logging into the Smart Things IDE- at the bottom of the device page- it shows what associated automations, scenes, routines, etc that device is linked to. As for mine, only Webcore automations show, none of the ST Automations show.

We used to be able to see this on the classic platform. However, with the new architecture, none of the scenes or automations created through the new V3 app show up anymore. Basically the IDE is old and designed for a groovy environment and can only show the groovy connections.

Tagging @Automated_House in case there is anything more to add.

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This feature needs to be implemented on the new app. Why take away such a useful feature. So the only way to see this is by graph ide? I was hoping i just couldn’t figure out where this feature had moved to on the new app. :confused:

You won’t see it in the IDE, either, if it is the automations that are created through the new V3 app. That information is just not available at this time.

Hopefully when they come up with the replacement for the IDE we’ll get the information again, but no promises.