A way to see what automations/smart apps are set up with devices?

Like the classic app, you could go into any device and it would tell you what routines and smart lighting automations said device were part of.
Is there a way to do this in the new app.

Probably not but thought I’d ask.

Not currently available in the new app. It is a request that is asked for frequently. You can find the old groovy associations in IDE but nothing for the newer apps and features.

Ok mate thank you.

We are all suffering from the lack of easy automation tracing

Wouldn’t it be great to have a request feature section with the ability to vote up certain requests OR a post from ST saying this is what we are working on for the next release with a road map for future updates, Microsoft suffered from the same thing, lack of communication

St do post here and there but the posts get lost in time and this does not help

ST could seriously help themselves with a closed sticky thread regularly updated with relevant information on whats coming and whats been done