New Smartthings App (individual devices information)


Forgive me if this is an answered question but I have searched and unable to find the answer.

I have finally migrated to the new SmartThings app and although the migration appears to have gone smoothly I have one question.

It’s regarding the association of smartapps and the Things/devices.

In the classic one you could see from the individual devices the associated smartapps. I cannot seem to find this in the new app.

Is this something that’s been removed / changed so now I need to look at the actual smartapps and then the automation?

It’s not overly an issue due to how I name my automations but I did find it handy to have the ability to check smartapp automations within the Thing in the classic app.

Many thanks.

This feature is not currently available in tHe new app. Best thing is to contact ST support and request it be added or post a comment on the App Store :slight_smile:


Thank you sir. This reply stops me trying to find it. So appreciated. I did like that in the classic version I actually found it useful.

Thanks again. Best wishes.

What you were seeing was a list of the legacy apps that had subscribed to the legacy devices (and also webCoRE pistons that used the devices in conditions). It remains available as the ‘In use by’ section of the device pages in the IDE for the short term.

I don’t believe the new API exposes that information. I don’t know if it ever will. Perhaps as the legacy environment is phased out it will become more practical to replace it as it seems to be much missed.

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Does to me seem a strange decision to ‘break’ that linkage. Agreed it’s available within the IDE but the ease of it in the app just for me connected the dots. Also guess it is why you get used to.

Appreciate your response and help. Best wishes

Unfortunately, automations and scenes in the new SmartThings app do not appear in this list. This is something that is really needed for people with a lot of devices and complex automations for tracking down conflicts and issues.