Can't view custom automations created in Smartthings (Samsung Connect) in the IDE

I can’t seem to locate custom automations in the IDE. They are not listed with all of the other smartapps. I called and talked to tier 1 support and they couldn’t see them in the IDE either. (BTW, support answered immediately with zero hold time).

I experienced some “server connection” errors yesterday while changing a custom automation and I think it created some “ghost automations” that are not visible in the app. Thus, I can’t delete them.

Anyone know a way to see Smartthings (Samsung Connect) custom automations within the IDE?

Custom automations from the new SmartThings app? They have never been available in IDE. Same as scenes are not there. None of those are since they are based on groovy code.


yeah, custom automation creator, new app SHM, new app Lock Manager, and anything else based on the new API doesn’t show up in the Groovy IDE.

Scenes are sort of there. Shows the devices involved, but not what the settings are.


Thanks. That’s what I was seeing but wanted to confirm. I was surprised that support couldn’t see them either. Maybe it’s just tier 1 support that can’t see them?

Looks like I’ll delete the threr automations I can see and the virtual switch that’s used in each of them and start over. I am hoping that this will orphan the offending automations and the subsequent notifications.

I’ve found that normal support has very little troubleshooting they can do with custom automation creator.