Getting the hub for the first time, need recommendations

Hello all,

I will be getting the hub and basically going to start with smart things for the first time, What I would like to start with first is the switches, which brand or if you have a link that you would like to recommend I would definitely appreciate it!.

Little bit of background, I currently have as alarm system that has the ability to connect to zwave, have 1 august smart lock “new one with zwave” (getting a second one this week), I have Ecobee4 and a ring pro. So far I am able to do everything with alexa to all the systems so in this area am good for now.

Now what I want to do with the switches is the following: There is the front light switch that can be turn on/off from 2 locations, but 99.9% of the time it gets controlled from just one location. My purpose for this switch is to make it dusk to dawn (so I can finally stop doing it as I always either leave it on or off)

The others locations (kitchen,Dining,Living) that I want to install are controlled for one location each of them where I would like to make them turn on all lights when someone opens the front door from a set time (from 11pm to 7am anyones that open the front door the lights from the locations above will turn on automatically.

Eventually looking to do others things with those lights as well (like blinking if CO is detected). Thank you in advance and looking forward to learn with all of you :slight_smile:

Welcome! :sunglasses:

You should be able to do everything you’re considering with any smart light (smart switch or smart bulb) that can be controlled by the smartthings hub, so I think you’re fine there.

Different things work for different people, so it really just comes down to exactly how you want to do things. I suggest you start with the device class features FAQ. It will give you a lot of good ideas about how to select a light switch or some of the other devices. The light switch discussion starts around post 40. ( this is a clickable link.)

You can also get some good ideas from looking at the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki. In particular, look in the project report section and start with the “get started” list.

(Oh, and I moved this to the project section so you can get individualized responses based on your own needs and preferences as you get further along in your planning. :sunglasses:)


Thanks so much, but since I have a lot of light bulbs (which I invested a lot of money switching all of them to led’s) is there the possibility still of using just a switch to control them?


Sorry for any confusion. When I said “smart light” I meant either smart switches or smart bulbs. Technically they’re the same thing from a network standpoint. So, yes, you can just add any smart switch that can communicate with the smartthings hub and get the results that you described. :sunglasses:

Take a look at the device class feature FAQ I listed above and you’ll see lots of Switch options. The switch discussion start around post 40 in that thread.



If you can physically, I would go with Smart Switches that utilize the Z-Wave Plus protocol. The added functionality is well worth it.