Developer Workspace Issues

I’ve noticed there are a couple problems about the new developer workspace @

  1. I noticed that whenever I try to update my Cloud Connector project (e.g. connector display name), I get an error, and I can’t save it. How can I save updates?

  2. I have a bunch of trash projects that I’d like to delete, but I don’t see any “delete project” button. How can I delete a project?

I couldn’t even get that far, all I get is this: (it’s obviously a wrong error since my account is very well alive and active)

@Fabiola can you check these issue?


Hi @johnconstantelo, @cookierookie44
Would you please create a ticket at to have more information about your accounts and track these.



I can’t! I get exactly the same error.

Do you get that error even in an incognito browser window?

Such as if you go here and sign into your Samsung account?

Hi @Brad_ST, yes I still get that error. I tried on my laptop and tablet just now.

Ok thanks! I know we had you delete your Samsung account but that was several weeks ago so it shouldn’t be an issue still.

I’ll try to file a bug on your behalf.


Thanks @Brad_ST, yeah that wasn’t fun, but it was needed. I appreciate your help.


I have also been encountering the same issue. A work around it is to delete your logo and upload it again before saving.

@johnconstantelo the bug filed for this got closed. Can you confirm if you are still encountering this error? Thanks!

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All good, thanks Brad!