Can't connect with my developer project. Can you guys help me?

I created a Device Integration in the developer workspace. I created a project using SmartThings Cloud Connector and built an oauth.
After completing the test deployment, an error occurs when I add a device in the Smartthing app with developer mode. Does this only occurs to me?

The picture means
‘A network or server error occurred. Please try again later.’
this one.

Hi @watercross2021 Welcome to SmartThings Community

Are you using the SmartThings app version

Thx reply my topic.
I am using version

@watercross2021 I understand, this is related to a bug on the Android version, it was reported in version (I think the version was released last week), a report was created and the corresponding team is working on it.

as soon as I have updates I will share the information here

Thank you for your confirmation.
The development progress is behind schedule.
When will the bugs be fixed?

Hi @watercross2021 sorry for the delay, the problem was fixed in the new version of SmartThings (, please, Can you confirm if the problem was fixed?